The newest version of Google Identity Toolkit has been released as Firebase Authentication. It includes upgraded client SDKs, open source UI libraries, session management and integrated email sending service for forgotten password flows.

New projects should use Firebase Authentication. To migrate an existing project from Identity Toolkit to Firebase Authentication, see the migration guide.

GITInterfaceManager Class

GITInterfaceManager Class Reference


Manages the Identity Toolkit user interface logic.

Inherits NSObject.

Instance Method Summary

(void) - startSignIn
 Starts the authentication process. More...
(void) - popViewController
 Dismisses the topmost UIViewController. More...
(void) - pushViewController:
 Presents the given UIViewController on top of the controller stack. More...
(void) - dismissAllAnimated:completion:
 Dismisses all presented view controllers. More...

Class Method Summary

(UIViewController *) + manageAccountController
 Returns a UIViewController for account management. More...


id< GITInterfaceManagerDelegatedelegate
 An optional delegate that can be used to customize the UI. More...

Method Detail

+ (UIViewController *) manageAccountController

Returns a UIViewController for account management.

- (void) startSignIn

Starts the authentication process.

- (void) popViewController

Dismisses the topmost UIViewController.

This method only pops up to the last UIViewController pushed by pushViewController:. If there is no UIViewController left, this method does nothing.

- (void) pushViewController: (UIViewController *)  viewController

Presents the given UIViewController on top of the controller stack.

viewControllerA UIViewController that should be displayed.
- (void) dismissAllAnimated: (BOOL)  animated
completion: (void(^)(void))  completion 

Dismisses all presented view controllers.

Call this method when the authentication process is completed or cancelled by the user.

animatedWhether the UI must be dismissed with an animation.
completionA completion handler.

Property Documentation

- (id<GITInterfaceManagerDelegate>) delegate

An optional delegate that can be used to customize the UI.

Most apps should leave this as nil unless custom UI is needed. If nil, a default implementation of the UI will be used.