The newest version of Google Identity Toolkit has been released as Firebase Authentication. It includes upgraded client SDKs, open source UI libraries, session management and integrated email sending service for forgotten password flows.

New projects should use Firebase Authentication. To migrate an existing project from Identity Toolkit to Firebase Authentication, see the migration guide.

Class List

Class List
The classes and protocols in Identity Toolkit for iOS:
 CGITAccountAn account passed to third-party at the end of a successful authentication
 CGITAuthA singleton class that handles authentication with IdPs and Identity Toolkit server
 CGITClientA singleton class that works as client for Identity Toolkit
 C<GITClientDelegate>A protocol implemented by the client of GITClient to receive signed in account
 CGITIDTokenAn id token issued by Identity Toolkit server
 CGITInterfaceManagerManages the Identity Toolkit user interface logic
 C<GITInterfaceManagerDelegate>Protocol that allows custom UI