Try Sign-In for Android

Use our Android sample app to see how Sign-In works, or add Sign-In to your existing app.

Required: The latest versions of Android Studio and Google Play Services.

Get the project

If this is your first time using a Google services sample, check out the google-services repository.

$ git clone https://github.com/googlesamples/google-services.git

Open Android Studio.

Select File > Open, browse to where you cloned the google-services repository, and open google-services/android/signin.

Get a configuration file

To use the sample, you need to provide some additional information to get a configuration file and finish setting up your project. Use the package name com.google.samples.quickstart.signin for the sample.

After you complete the registration, download the google-services.json file to add to your project.

Get a Configuration File

Add the configuration file to your project

Copy the google-services.json file you just downloaded into the app/ or mobile/ directory of your Android Studio project. Open the Android Studio Terminal pane:

$ mv path-to-download/Downloads/google-services.json app/
$ move path-to-download/Downloads/google-services.json app/

Run the sample

Now you're ready to build the sample and run it from Android Studio.

Build the sample and click the run button and select a connected device or emulator.

How it works

The application builds a GoogleApiClient, specifying which scopes and APIs the application will access. When the GoogleApiClient connects, the user is signed in.

Next steps

If you want to see how you can implement Google Sign-In in your own app, take a look at our implementation guide.

Add Sign-In to your app

Did you have a good experience? Run into trouble? Let us know!