Requesting Additional Scopes

Your app can request additional scopes any time after the initial scopes have been granted. In this case, only those additional scopes will appear in the user's consent screen. Your app should request all previously granted scopes with these additional scopes to ensure your app proceeds with all the access it expects.

To request additional scopes:

  1. Create a GoogleSignInOptions object with the new scopes that you want to request.
  2. Disconnect the current GoogleApiClient, and connect a new GoogleApiClient with the GoogleSignInOptions object you created.
  3. Create and start a sign-in intent with getSignInIntent and the new GoogleApiClient object.

Your app will display a consent dialog requesting the additional permissions the user has not already granted your app.

You might use this technique if you suspect users are avoiding sign-in because your consent screen is overwhelming new users, or if you think users are confused why they are being asked for certain permissions. In either case, you can delay the additional scopes and present them just before they are needed.