This API is not yet generally available for production use. To join the waiting list, complete the request form. While your request is being reviewed, you can try the API by running your app on localhost. Don't forget to add localhost to the list of Authorized JavaScript origins in the Google APIs console.

One tap sign-up and automatic sign-in

You can provide seamless authentication flows to your users with Google's one tap sign-up and automatic sign-in APIs.

With one tap sign-up, users are prompted to create an account with a dialog that's inline with your page's content, so they're never taken out of context by a sign-up page. With just one tap, they get a secure, token-based, passwordless account with your service, protected by their Google Account. And, of course, since there's such little sign-up friction, users are much more likely to register.

Returning users are signed in automatically, even when they switch devices or platforms, or after their session expires. And, existing users with password-based accounts can also be signed in automatically if they've saved their password in Chrome or Smart Lock for Passwords on Android.

There are three basic steps to implementing one tap sign-up and automatic sign-in:

  • On every page a user can sign in to, if the user isn't already signed in, call googleyolo.retrieve() to sign the user in automatically if possible.
  • On every page where signing in might be useful, or is required to proceed, if the user can't be automatically signed in because googleyolo.retrieve() failed, call googleyolo.hint() to prompt the user to choose a Google Account to sign up with.
  • On your auth backend, add the ability validate ID tokens and to use them to create new accounts.

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