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Google Identity Platform

Growing an active user base is a top priority for all developers. The streamlined UX of Google's Identity products help get you more signed-in users while also strengthening the security of your app. Once your users are signed in, you can easily deepen your integration with Google's products like YouTube, Drive, and Contacts. To determine which identity solution is most appropriate for your project, refer to the table below.

Identity Solution Uses
Firebase Authentication
iOS, Android, Web, C++, Unity, Servers

Case Studies

  • Easily implement a complete authentication solution with only a few lines of code.
  • Supports password-based sign-in, as well as federated identity providers such as Google Sign-In or Facebook Login.
  • Out-of-the-box support for advanced functionality such as account linking, anonymous accounts or password resets.
  • Optionally, use our open source UI components optimized for reducing user friction and maximizing conversions.
Fast Identity Online Universal 2nd Factor (FIDO U2F)
  • Enable U2F physical security key support for strong second factor authentication in your Android app, in accordance with the standards defined by the FIDO Alliance.
Smart Lock for Passwords
Android | Chrome

Case Studies

  • Enable one-tap sign-up in your Android app.
  • Sign in returning users automatically to your Android app or web site users on Chrome. Smart Lock will remember your user's password or whether they signed in through a federated identity provider such as Facebook or Google.
  • Quickly streamline your app or website with simple client API calls.
Google Sign-In
Android | iOS | Web | TVs & Devices

Case Studies

  • Get users into your apps quickly and securely using the Google Accounts they already have.
  • Create a seamless experience across devices for your users. Users sign in once and are authenticated on all of their devices.
  • Enable over-the-air installation of Android apps when users sign in to your websites.
  • Integrate Google's services into your websites and mobile apps.
Plain OAuth 2.0
Web applications:
Java | JavaScript | .NET | Python | Ruby | HTTP/REST
Installed applications:
Java | .NET | Python | Ruby | HTTP/REST
Cloud and server applications (service accounts)
  • Use Google APIs from web applications that do not let users sign in with their Google accounts.
  • Use Google APIs in applications that are installed on devices such as computers and mobile devices that are not based on Android or iOS.
  • Use Google APIs from applications that use service accounts to access the applications' own data, rather than users' data.