Troubleshooting Price Feeds

If you encounter errors when sending or receiving Pull or Hint messages, use the troubleshooting tips described in this section.


  • Verify that you have a valid Hotel List Feed established with Google.
  • Check with your Technical Account Manager (TAM) during configuration to ensure that you specified the correct values for your IP addresses.
  • Ensure that your simultaneous threads setting is OK. You configured this during your initial setup with your TAM during configuration.
  • Ensure that your server gateways have whitelisted Google's IP address ranges so that you are not blocking Google's messages.

Message format

Data integrity

  • In your <Transaction> messages, ensure that the <ChargeCurrency> is properly configured.
  • Separate taxes and fees from the base rate as described in Taxes and Fees.
  • Verify that you have included all required fees.
  • If a hotel is unavailable, remove it from inventory by setting its <Baserate> to "-1", as described in Removing Inventory.
  • Send only the lowest double-occupancy rate for a hotel for a given itinerary.
  • Send updates whenever pricing and/or availability changes.

Google runs tests for roughly 10 hotels, working with you to verify that your feeds are configured properly. This ensures that loads are acceptable and prices remain accurate. After this, Google notifies you of the launch at which point you will be able to see your results live.