How to Get Help

Stack Overflow contains questions on a variety of topics, and we use the tag google-drive-realtime-api to mark questions that pertain to the Realtime API. You may wish add additional tags to your question to attract the attention of experts in related technologies.

Before posting a new question for the first time, please take a moment to read through the Stack Overflow FAQ. The site and its community have guidelines and tips that you should follow to help ensure your question is answered.


If you have been able to determine that the cause of a problem is due to a bug in the API itself, you can report it on our Issue Tracker. Please ensure you include the following information in your bug description:

  • A description of the problem, and the behavior you expected instead.
  • A list of steps and/or a small snippet of sample code that can be taken to reproduce the problem.


If you are being affected by an outage caused by the Realtime API, you can report it on our Issue Tracker. An outage is different from a bug in that it is a widespread disruption of a particular service. Please check if it is not already a known outage by visiting the Apps Status Dashboard.

Missing Features

If there is functionality missing from the API that you would like to use, you can file a feature request on our Issue Tracker. Please describe the specific functionality you would like to see added, as well as reasons you think it's important. If possible, include specific details about your use case and the new opportunities the feature would allow for.

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