Google Data APIs Client Library (1.41.1)


Class Summary
CompletedCategory Describes a completed category.
CompletedCategory.Label Human-readable label.
CompletedCategory.Scheme Scheme (domain).
CompletedCategory.Term Term.
DocumentEntry Describes a document entry.
DocumentFeed Describes a document feed.
DocumentSource Describes a document source.
GlossariesElement Describes a glossaries element.
GlossaryEntry Describes a glossary entry.
GlossaryEntryLink Describes a glossary entry link.
GlossaryEntryLink.Rel Link relation type.
GlossaryFeed Describes a glossary feed.
GttLink Extends the base Link class with Gtt extensions.
GttNamespace Namespace definitions related to Google Translator Toolkit API.
HiddenCategory Describes a hidden category.
HiddenCategory.Label Human-readable label.
HiddenCategory.Scheme Scheme (domain).
HiddenCategory.Term Term.
NumberOfSourceWords Describes a number of source words.
PercentComplete Describes a percent complete.
ScopeEntry Describes a scope entry.
SourceLanguage Describes a source language.
TargetLanguage Describes a target language.
TmEntryLink Describes a tm entry link.
TmEntryLink.Rel Link relation type.
TmsElement Describes a tms element.
TranslationComplete Describes a translation complete.
TranslationMemoryEntry Describes a translation memory entry.
TranslationMemoryFeed Describes a translation memory feed.

Enum Summary
DocumentSource.Type Type.
ScopeEntry.Value Value.