Simplify Your Game Development

Set up Google Play Games Services

Use the Google Play Console to manage games services and configure metadata for authorizing and authenticating your game.

Try the Play Games APIs

Start integrating popular gaming features in your mobile games and web games by using the Google Play games services APIs.

Acquire users and engage

Save game data to the cloud

Store and synchronize game data on Google's cloud infrastructure.

Data-driven changes to hook players

Capture player metrics and events for feedback on how to improve your game.

Understand how players interact

Use analytics to understand how players are progressing, spending, and churning.

Socialize your games

Make your games dynamic with real-time gameplay

Bring players together to share real-time gaming experiences.

Engage players with turn-by-turn gameplay

Send invitations and auto-match players for asynchronous gaming.

Manage your games

Easily update your game metadata

Simplify your game testing and player account management with the Google Play games services Management API.

Automate your game production and distribution tasks

Modify listings and upload icons for achievements and leaderboards with the Google Play games services Publishing API.

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