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Make Games with Google

Resources for enhancing your games with Google technologies.

We'll see you at GDC 2015!

This year we're hosting our annual Developer Day at West Hall and be on the Expo floor in booth #502. We’re excited to give you a glimpse into how we are helping mobile game developers build successful businesses and improve user experiences.

Google Play game services ends the year with a bang!

In an effort to supercharge our Google Play games services (GPGS) developer tools, we’re introducing the Game services Publishing API, a revamped Unity Plugin, additional enhancements to the C++ SDK, and improved Leaderboard Tamper Protection.

Going Global: Space Ape Games Finds Success in Japan

London-based Space Ape Games brought together a range of resources and tactics to take Samurai Siege into Japan, growing that market to contribute up to 15% of the game’s average $55,000 daily earnings.

Platforms for Your Games

Acquire Users and Engage

Monetize and Measure

  • Google AdMob

    The largest mobile ads platform used by more than 650,000 apps. Monetize and measure your iOS and Android app games.
  • Google Play In-App Billing

    Let your players pay quickly and easily on their Android devices.
  • Google Play In-App Subscriptions

    Sell content, services, or features in your app with automated, recurring billing.
  • Ad Interstitials

    Present rich full-screen experiences at natural app transition points.
  • Google Analytics

    Understand and measure what your users do inside of your game — a key to engaging and monetizing users in the long run.

Essential Tools to Build Your Games