Gadgets API

gadgets.* API Developer's Guide

This is the developers guide for the gadgets.* API.

Sections Selected Topics
Getting Started "Hello, World"
What's in a Gadget?
Writing Your Own Gadgets Basic Steps
Anatomy of a Gadget
Development Fundamentals Choosing a Content Type
Turning an Existing Web Page or Application into a Gadget
Working with Userpref Data Types
Specifying a Geographical Location
Saving State
Writing Gadgets that Require Login or Cookies
Developer Tools Programming and Debugging Tips
Hosting on Google Code
Creating a User Interface Managing Gadget Height
Setting a Gadget's Title
Working with Remote Content Working with Text
Working with XML
Working with Feeds
Working with JSON
Writing OAuth Gadgets
Internationalization Creating a Localized Gadget
Message Bundles
Using Message Bundles in a Gadget
Non-English Gadgets Where Can I Find Non-English Gadgets?
Writing Non-English Gadgets
Publishing Your Gadget Where Can I Put My Gadget?
Preparing for Publication
Publishing to the iGoogle Content Directory
XML Reference ModulePrefs Elements and Attributes
User Preferences
Content Section
JavaScript Reference JSDoc for the JavaScript API

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