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Google Fusion Tables is an experimental application that lets you store, share, query, and visualize data tables. It offers a REST API to manage tables, info window templates, and styles. The query endpoint allows you to manage data rows (insert/update/delete), and query the table for all rows that match spatial or data conditions. The results of queries can be CSV or JSON, or used in the Google Maps API or Google Visualization API.

Important: Google Fusion Tables API v1.0 now restricts the maximum response size to 10 MB. We encourage you to migrate to the Google Fusion Tables API v2.0, which provides media download for large payloads.

Google Fusion Tables API v2.0

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Using Fusion Tables with other APIs

Google Maps API

Data that can be mapped in Fusion Tables can also be a layer on a Google Map. Use the Google Maps API to embed a FusionTablesLayer within your web application.

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Google Chart Tools

Fusion Tables is a data source for Google Chart Tools.

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How do I start?

  1. If you're not familiar with Google Fusion Tables, try the Tutorials.
  2. Join the User's Group
  3. Read the Getting Started Guide and take a look at our sample code.

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