Important: Fusion Tables API v1.0 restricts the maximum response size to 10 MB. We encourage you to migrate to the Google Fusion Tables API v2.0, which provides media download for large payloads.

Get started

There are lots of ways to get started with Fusion Tables. Dive into sample code, follow a tutorial, or join our community.

Create, update, and delete

Manage your tables and table data with the Fusion Tables API. You can change your table name and add new columns. Have fun jazzing up your visualizations with different styles and templates.

Issue queries

Use SQL-like queries to manage rows of data, obtain specific data from a table, or perform a spatial search.

More APIs for interacting with Fusion Tables

Google Maps JavaScript API

Data that can be mapped in Fusion Tables can also be a layer on a Google Map. Use the Google Maps JavaScript API to embed a FusionTablesLayer within your web application.

Google Charts

Fusion Tables is a data source for Google Chart Tools.