Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost for any of these fonts?

No, all Google Fonts are open source and are without cost.

Can I use any font in a commercial product?

Yes, you can use them commercially, and even include them within a product that is sold commercially. Usage and redistribution conditions are specified in the license. The most common license is the SIL Open Font License. Some fonts are under the Apache license or Ubuntu Font License. You can redistribute open source fonts according to those conditions.

Yes, you can use Google Fonts within any logo.

Can I use the font in print, on websites, in apps, in teaching materials, e-books, store fronts, jewelry?

Yes, you can use the fonts on any surface.

How do I find fonts that support my language?

Visit and use the "Language" filter to select the writing system used by the language that you're looking for.

Explore Noto, a collection of high-quality fonts with multiple weights and widths in sans, serif, mono, and other styles in more than 1,000 languages and over 150 writing systems.

How can I use Google Fonts on my website?

Use the Google Fonts CSS API to embed the fonts directly on your website.

How do I use Google Fonts in my Android app?

See the article Get Started with the Google Fonts for Android.

How do I use Material Symbols in my project?

Visit the Material Symbols guide.

Where can I learn more about Typography?

Visit Google Fonts Knowledge.

Can I use CSS features like text shadows and rotation with web fonts?

Absolutely. Any CSS feature that can be applied to text on the web works well with all kinds of fonts – web fonts, local fonts, and system fonts.

The exception to this is the CSS outline effect, which does not work well with variable fonts due to contour overlaps.

Can I modify the appearance of text made with a font in a design tool for commercial use? For example, may I change the slope, thickness, and space between letters?

Yes, text in bitmap images or vector graphics made with fonts from Google Fonts can be modified, because the result isn't another font, but an image of text.

You can also modify fonts themselves with font editor tools, subject to the license conditions.

What are variable fonts?

Variable fonts are a recent evolution in typography. This format lets you customize a typeface in the ways provided by the typeface designer. All styles are stored in just one or two font files instead of separate files for every style. Learn more from Google Fonts Knowledge and Web Fundamentals.

How do I report an issue or contribute to the Noto fonts?


How do I upload a font to Google Fonts?

Google Fonts reviews submissions on GitHub. Please see the Github CONTRIBUTING file for all the details.

How do I suggest a font to add to Google Fonts?

Google Fonts only adds fonts licensed under the SIL Open Font License. If you know of a font under this license that you would like to see, please contact Google Fonts.

How can I use the Google Fonts GitHub?

You can use our GitHub to download font files to install or self host, file issues you've encountered with any aspect of our product, and even contribute your own fonts. Check it out at

Can I use the Product Sans or Google Sans fonts?

No, Google owns these fonts and they are only available for use in Google products, by Google.

My type is showing a few letters out of sequence in some apps – how do I fix it?

This can happen when font caches become obsolete, or when an installed font no longer matches a newer web font. Remove all the current font files for that family from your device, reboot, and then download and install the latest font files.

Where is the homepage sample text from?

"Almost before we knew it, we had left the ground" is from A Trip to Venus, by John Munro.

How can I get a license for Google Sans?

Google Sans is not available for use outside of Google. It is our brand font and is exclusively used in Google products.

How do I contact Google Fonts?

For real-time issues, tweet Google Fonts at @googlefonts. For technical questions, post an issue on our GitHub issue tracker. If you need to send a private message, email