How to get help

We use a mixture of different platforms to provide support to developers, so review the following options to determine the best way to get help.

Questions and advice

We use the popular programming Q&A website Stack Overflow to field technical questions. The site is not run by Google, but you can sign in using your Google account.

Stack Overflow contains questions on a variety of topics, and developers use the tag google-fit to mark questions relevant to this service. You may wish add additional tags to your question to attract the attention of experts in related technologies.

Before posting a new question for the first time, please take a moment to read through the Stack Overflow FAQ. The site and its community have guidelines and tips that you should follow to help ensure your question is answered.

Ask a new question

Issues and errors

If you've encountered an error with the API, you should start searching or posting to Stack Overflow as mentioned. Try to isolate the issue as much as possible and post only the relevant sections of your code.

If Stack Overflow doesn't provide the help you need, you may contact for further support.