WebP: Deploying Faster, Smaller, and More Beautiful Images

Ilya Grigorik, Stephen Konig

WebP is a new, open-source image format which provides lossy and lossless compression of images with significant byte savings: 30-80% smaller image files when compared to jpeg and png! In this session we will cover the latest features, news, and future roadmap of the WebP format. We will dive into a few hands-on case studies and recount how large sites and applications deployed WebP, the challenges they faced in the process, and the benefits they saw and measured after the migration. In other words, a 0-60 primer on WebP: what it is, how to get started, the tooling, and the benefits - bring your propeller hat!

  • Ilya Grigorik

    Ilya is a Developer Advocate with Chrome and Make the Web Fast teams. Working on everything web performance related: best practices, protocols, standards, browser performance...

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  • Stephen Konig

    Stephen is a Product Manager at Google focused on media and virtualization. His current areas of focus include Chrome Remote Desktop and WebP, among others.

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