7 Techmakers and a Microphone

Jean Wang, Anna Patterson, diane greene, Kathy Kleiman, Megan Smith, Johanna Wright, Susan Wojcicki

Megan Smith (VP, Google[x]) will emcee a series of TED talk style segments from Susan Wojcicki (SVP, Ads & Commerce), Anna Patterson (VP, Knowledge), Johanna Wright  (VP, Search and Assist, Android), Kathy Kleiman (Founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project), Jean Wang (Hardware Lead, Glass), and Diane Greene (Board of Directors, Google). They’ll share their insights, learnings, and “ah ha!” moments from being technical leaders inside innovative companies. This will be a special supersized session that runs until 6:35pm! Presented by Women Techmakers.

  • Jean Wang

    Jean is a Hardware Lead and Chief of Staff for Project Glass. She looks forward to learning from others about their own Glass stories.

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  • Anna Patterson

    Anna Patterson is currently a Vice President of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence for Google. Previously, she was Engineering Director in Android responsible for Search, Recommendations and Google Play Books. She is the co-founder of Cuil and wrote Recall.archive.org a history-based search engine out of the Internet Archive. Previously at Google, she was the architect of one of the world's largest search serving systems and also led efforts in Web Search, Ads and Product Search. Anna Patterson received her PhD from UIUC in Computer Science and was a Research Scientist at Stanford University in Artificial Intelligence.

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  • diane greene

    Member BOD: Google, Intuit, Khan Academy, MIT, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST)Since studying computer science at UC Berkeley in the mid-80's, I've been involved in the tech industry.  After working at Sybase, Tandem, and SGI, I co-founded VXtreme in 1994, a video streaming company.  I co-founded VMware in 1998 and spent 11 great years there as CEO. Before the tech industry, I was a naval architect.

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  • Kathy Kleiman

    Kathy Kleiman is founder of the ENIAC Programmers Project and Internet Counsel at Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth near Washington DC. She can't wait to share a story and video of the ENIAC Programmers' story with everyone!

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  • Megan Smith

    Entrepreneur, engineer, connector and VP at Google. At Google[x], Megan works on range of projects including co-creating/hosting SolveForX. For nine years prior she led Google’s New Business Development team managing early-stage partnerships, pilot explorations, and technology licensing for Google’s global engineering and product teams. She led the acquisitions of Keyhole (Google Earth), Where2Tech (Google Maps) and Picasa, and also led the Google.org team transition to add more engineering with Google Crisis Response, GoogleforNonprofits, Earth Outreach/Engine and increased employee engagement. Megan was CEO and, earlier, COO of PlanetOut, the leading LGBT online community and was early at General Magic and Apple Japan. She holds a bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering from MIT, where she now serves on the board. She completed her master's thesis work at the MIT Media Lab.  

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  • Johanna Wright

    Johanna Wright is VP of Search & Assist, Mobile. She leads the team developing Google's mobile search and assist features including Google Now & Voice Search. She comes to this from running the Web Search product management team where she drove innovations such as the Knowledge Graph, Google Instant, Mobile Search, Local Search, Universal Search, Autocomplete and hundreds of improvements made to Google search each year. Prior to joining Google, Johanna worked at a number of software start-ups in New York City. Johanna holds an MBA from UCLA and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Barnard College.

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  • Susan Wojcicki

    Susan Wojcicki is Senior Vice President of Advertising & Commerce at Google. She oversees the design, innovation and engineering of Google's advertising, commerce, and measurement platform products, including AdWords, AdSense, DoubleClick, Offers, and Google Analytics. Susan joined Google in 1999 as the company's first marketing manager and worked on the initial marketing programs. She also led the initial development of several key successful consumer products including Google Images and Google Books. Before joining Google, Susan worked at Intel, Bain & Company, and several start-ups. She graduated with honors from Harvard University, holds a master's in economics from the UC Santa Cruz, and an MBA from UCLA.

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