Mobile, Web and Cloud - The Triple Crown of Modern Applications

Ido Green, Danny Hermes

Ready to rock the world with your next application? Odds are you are thinking about mobile, web and the cloud. In this session we will walk through building a modern mobile web application that takes advantage of the Google Cloud Platform. Learn trips, best practices and solid architecture that will make your next mobile web app an amazing success.

  • Ido Green

    Solutions Architect at Google Since Nov 2013. Focusing on Google cloud platform and helping partners get the most out of it.Before, I was a Developer Advocate for Google Chrome/HTML5 from 2011. I have been building companies for more than 18 years. And I still likes to develop applications, but only ones with amazing UX. I got a wide array of skills and experience, including Cloud, HTML5, Java, dart, JavaScript -- and all aspects of agile development and scaling systems.(*) New: my book "Web Workers: Multithreaded Programs in JavaScript" is (still) available ;)P.S.

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  • Danny Hermes

    Danny is a Developer Programs Engineer at Google working on the App Engine team. He is kind of a nut; a sports nut, a Python nut and a problem solving nut. Prior to Google, I worked at a healthcare startup in Silicon Valley and before that graduated from the University of Michigan with BS degrees in Mathematics and Economics (seriously, not BS-ing you). Born and bred a midwestern boy, I can't get enough California sunshine.

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