A New Language for App Engine

Andrew Jessup, Stuart Langley, Jason Cartwright

This session introduces a new and highly-requested language for Google App Engine. The new runtime allows developers to take advantage of App Engine’s powerful scaling, services, durability, and ease of use, while leveraging familiar and powerful frameworks to build applications. In this session we'll give an overview of this new runtime, and show how easy it is to move existing applications to use App Engine and the Google Cloud Platform.

  • Andrew Jessup

    Andrew is a Product Manager at Google, working on languages and runtimes for Google App Engine.

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  • Stuart Langley

    Stuart is a software engineer on the App Engine team based in Sydney, Australia.

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  • Jason Cartwright

    Jason is the founder of Potato, a web development agency headquartered in London with offices in Bristol, Amsterdam, San Francisco & Sydney. We build massively scalable web applications mainly on Google's Cloud Platform.

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