Google Analytics and AdSense Data Analysis in BigQuery

Clancy Childs, Louis Collard, Duncan Mckie

Google Analytics and AdSense are two Google products that will soon be able to deliver their reporting data into BigQuery, Google's big data query and analysis engine. In this session, see how Google Analytics Premium and AdSense users are able to conduct advanced data analysis using BigQuery.

  • Clancy Childs

    Clancy Childs is a London-based Product Manager for Google Analytics, working on the Google Analytics Premium product and Big Data initiatives. In the past, he has worked on other Google products including AdSense, Maps, Apps (Gmail) and Checkout. Prior to joining Google, Clancy was one of the first web programmers hired by McCann Erickson at McCann Interactive / Thunder House New York. Later, he was Director of IT and Product Manager for VoIP for McGraw Communications.

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  • Louis Collard

    Louis is a Software Engineer on the AdSense team in London. Focused on reporting, he has worked on several projects to help publishers gain more insight into their AdSense performance.

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  • Duncan Mckie

    Duncan is a Senior Business Analyst @ & eBay Classifieds Group and is leading a project to help eCG standardize their web analytics & internet marketing tools across 27 countries.

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