Optimize Web and Mobile Apps, Across Devices, Using Google Analytics

Nick Mihailovski, Pete Frisella, Andrew Wales

Google Analytics recently launched Universal Analytics, a new way to measure user interactions across any device / platform / environment. By measuring this data, developers can better optimize their applications. In this session we'll discuss how how to measure user-interaction from any device as well as demo new reports and best practices to optimize both web and mobile apps.

  • Nick Mihailovski

    Nick Mihailovski manages the Developer Relations programs for Google Analytics. He has a passion for bridging the gap between business requirements and technical capabilities to develop innovative measurement solutions. Nick has worked in the Web Analytics industry for over 9 years. Nick currently holds an Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Math from University of California, Riverside.

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  • Pete Frisella

    Pete is a Developer Advocate on the Google Analytics team. He focuses on identifying and exploring opportunities for developers to customize, extend, and integrate with the Google Analytics platform.

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  • Andrew Wales

    Andrew Wales is a Developer Programs Engineer on the Google Analytics with a focus on mobile app analytics. Andrew has a passion for helping developers implement and extend Google Analytics APIs and SDKs to create mobile measurement solutions.

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