Fireside Chat with the Go Team

Sameer Ajmani, David Symonds, Brad Fitzpatrick, Andrew Gerrand, Robert Griesemer, Ian Lance Taylor, Rob Pike, Nigel Tao

Since its release in November 2009, The Go Programming Language has grown into a thriving open source project with a dedicated following. Join us in this session and have your Go questions answered by members of the Go team at Google.

  • Sameer Ajmani

    I work as a software engineer for Google, currently on the Go Programming Language. Previously, I worked on Bigtable (large-scale data storage), video and image serving, parallel & streaming data processing, Making the Web Faster, and Google Maps.

    Sameer Ajmani on Google+

  • David Symonds

    David is an engineer on the Go team at Google. He leads the development of the Go runtime for App Engine, and works on various internal Google technologies.

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  • Brad Fitzpatrick

    I love to travel, hack on fun projects, make things, learns languages [poorly], scuba dive, {bi,motor}cycle, run, eat, drink.Dorky stuff I've created or worked on: LiveJournal, Danga, memcached, MogileFS, Perlbal, Gearman, OpenID, PubSubHubbub, Android performance/framework, WebFinger, Go, ...

    Brad Fitzpatrick on Google+

  • Andrew Gerrand

    Andrew is a member of the Go Programming Language team at Google. He writes Go articles and tutorials, gives Go talks and workshops, does Go code reviews, and writes Go code. He also manages the Go community, web site (, and continuous build infrastructure (for the Go project). (Can you see a pattern here?) Before joining Google, Andrew was a consultant programmer at companies ranging from web startups to Internet Providers. He has also worked as a composer, photographer, SCUBA diver, and concert tour manager (although not at the same time).

    Andrew Gerrand on Google+

  • Robert Griesemer

    Robert helped design the Go language and is the author of gofmt and godoc. He maintains the spec, works on library packages, code reviews, and the occasional Go presentation. In the past he wrote code for V8, Sawzall, the HotSpot JVM, and Strongtalk. He likes things that "just work".

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  • Ian Lance Taylor

    Ian Lance Taylor joined the Go team at Google in June 2008. He is the primary author of gccgo, the Go frontend to GCC.

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  • Rob Pike


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  • Nigel Tao

    Nigel is on the Go team and works on App Engine, graphics and HTML packages and the compiler. Let him know if you have any SF Chinatown noodle restaurant recommendations.

    Nigel Tao on Google+