Dynamically Configure Mobile Applications: Google Tag Manager for Mobile Apps

Russell Ketchum, Neil Rhodes

Ever want to make a small tweak to your mobile application but your users have already downloaded your app? Ever forget to add analytics on a key event until it's too late? Learn about new ways to dynamically configure your mobile applications server-side. You can hone your app for various audiences, and you'll never get caught by old versions or forgetfulness again.

  • Russell Ketchum

    Russell is the Lead Product Manager for Google Analytics for Mobile Apps and Google Tag Manager. In addition to his work as a PM on several Google ads products, Russell has designed and launched multiple iOS and Android apps throughout his career.

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  • Neil Rhodes

    Neil Rhodes is a Tech Lead for Google Analytics. He joined Google in 2007 and works in the Irvine office. Neil has been doing development for handhelds since 1993.

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