Making Location Meaningful with the Google Maps APIs

Paul Saxman, Kasia Derc-Fenske

Location is a fundamental aspect of many location-based apps. But knowing where your user is located is only part of the story. Knowing where they’re going and where they’ve been can fundamentally alter what you present to them. This session will explore using aspects of location to present a richer experience for users.

  • Paul Saxman

    Paul is a Developer Advocate on the Google Maps team, focusing on mobile app development and data visualizations. He has been programming for a couple of decades, and has worked on a variety of projects, including online games (BBS doors), real-time A/V presentations (demos), embedded systems software, web apps and services, interactive data visualizations, agent-based models, and mobile apps. Paul has a passion for analyzing and understanding complex data and systems, and loves analysis and design as much as coding.

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  • Kasia Derc-Fenske

    Kasia works as Technical Solutions Engineer for Google Maps API in Zurich. Before diving into Geo she was a System Administrator and a Java Software Developer. She enjoys strawberries and exploring everything that connects users to their place in the world.

    Kasia Derc-Fenske on Google+