What’s new for Developers in Google Play

Riccardo Govoni, Ellie Powers, Miles Barr

Publishing a new application on Google Play is just the beginning -- you work constantly to update your app, improve user reviews, see what users are doing with your app, expand into new markets, and build a revenue stream. Join the team who brought you the new Developer Console to learn how Google Play is bringing you more data to optimize your application, better tools to distribute your application, and new ways to understand and connect with your users along every step of the journey.

  • Riccardo Govoni

    I'm the Tech Lead for Google Play Developer Console. My job is to make Android developers happy, by offering them services to publish, manage and monetize their Android apps in Google Play. I joined Google in 2007.

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  • Ellie Powers

    Ellie is the Google Play product manager focused on making developers more successful.

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  • Miles Barr

    Miles Barr is the engineering manager for Android Apps on Google Play. His team brought you the new Developer Console. He has been at Google for over six years and has worked on several mobile projects.

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