Best Practices for Bluetooth Development

Sara Sinclair Brody, Rich Hyndman, Matthew Xie

Opinions on Bluetooth can divide a crowd, but the technology can connect them back together. This is an end-to-end session that gives a brief overview of core specifications and profiles before diving into Android Bluetooth support, best practices for development (with examples), and some features you may not be aware of.

  • Sara Sinclair Brody

    Sara ("Scout") is the Android Product Manager for wireless communications, power management, and text input. She joined Google in 2011, holds a Ph.D. in computer security, and is passionate about making Android ever-more-awesome for users and developers.

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  • Rich Hyndman

    Richard is a Senior Developer Advocate for Android at Google in the UK. He has enjoyed over 10 years in the mobile industry, including experience running a VC funded mobile start up, working for a large mobile operator and a few years consulting. With his J2ME and XHTML years behind him, Richard now supports Android developers bringing excellent apps to the Google Play Store

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  • Matthew Xie

    Current: Tech lead of Android Bluetooth team in Google Working experience: Google, Qualcomm, NCSA at UIUC Education: Computer Science, UIUC

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