Android Design for UI Developers

Roman Nurik, Nick Butcher

Design on Android is no longer a complex mystery of disjointed patterns; the Android design guidelines have paved the way for a design renaissance following the tenets of content forward and responsive mobile design. In this talk we'll explore the arsenal of tools available to Android UI engineers that let you implement some of these important guidelines, including responsive design with multi-pane layouts, metrics and layout grids, and core navigation components.

  • Roman Nurik

    Roman is an Android Developer Advocate at Google, focusing on user experience and visual design. Previously, Roman worked on Google's geospatial developer products and engaged in web design and development work on a variety of independent projects.

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  • Nick Butcher

    Nick is an Android Developer Advocate at Google based in London. He has a passion for Android and all things mobile. With an eye for detail, Nick is focused on helping designing sublime user interfaces and wonderfully functional apps.

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