High Performance Audio

Glenn Kasten, Raph Levien

It’s not that hard to play a background soundtrack in your mobile game app, or to play short clips of sound in response to user actions. But how about responsive reliable audio, that doesn’t glitch, works well across a range of devices, and doesn’t eat up your user’s battery? Oh, and is lower latency too? It turns out that’s not so easy. We’ll share our own experiences with the Android platform and apps, discuss the problem areas and the work we’ve been doing in the platform, and give some techniques you can apply now in your own apps. We assume you’re familiar with OpenSL ES and audio terminology.

  • Glenn Kasten

    Glenn is a software engineer in the Android media team, with a focus on low-level audio and performance. His background includes real-time operating systems and embedded applications, and he enjoys playing piano.

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  • Raph Levien

    Raph Levien works on fonts and text rendering for the Android platform, and is also the designer of Inconsolata, available at Google Fonts. He enjoys photography and vintage synthesizers.

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