Automating Performance Best Practices with PageSpeed

Ilya Grigorik

Come learn about the Google PageSpeed family: (a) Insights products to help identify performance problems (through browser extensions, online, and API). (b) Automagic optimization: open-source Apache and Nginx PageSpeed plugins that can optimize your site for you. See hands on examples, stats and case studies from partners (AOL, and few others). (c) PageSpeed Service: explanation of the Google hosted web optimization product. See examples of advanced integrations with other Google products (e.g. App Engine, A/B testing with Google Analytics, etc). (d) Chrome data compression: an under the hood look at how Chrome leverages pagespeed to optimize pages on the fly and provides up to 50% bandwidth improvement for mobile browsers!

  • Ilya Grigorik

    Ilya is a Developer Advocate with Chrome and Make the Web Fast teams. Working on everything web performance related: best practices, protocols, standards, browser performance...

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