New Developments in Mobile Gaming

Todd Kerpelman, Steve Martin, David Santoro

Hey, mobile game developers! Wondering what Google's been working on to make life better for you? Drop by the New Developments in Mobile Gaming talk and hear about the latest features we've been building to give your mobile games a little extra moxie.

  • Todd Kerpelman

    Todd is a Developer Advocate for Google with a special focus on gaming. Before joining Google, he was a creative director in the casual and social games industry. At a previous start-up, he designed a social asynchronous drawing game, neglected to put it on mobile devices, and did not get acquired for $200 million. Since then, he's decided to pay more attention to the mobile space.

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  • Steve Martin

    Steve leads engineering teams in Android. Prior to that, he worked on building out the mobile ecosystem for Google+.

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  • David Santoro

    Dave is a technical lead within Android, working on upcoming services for Google Play. Prior to this role, he worked on the "People" app on Android, the Google Play store, and Google Docs.

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