This spring, join one of many developer-organized events around the world to learn how to build Actions for the Google Assistant that are useful for your community - whether it's a professional network, an interest group, or your hometown.


Attend talks and codelabs aimed at every level of developer.
Build your own Actions. See what others have created so far.

Show the world - or just your friends - what you’ve built. See what others have created so far.

Coming soon

Provide feedback about your developer experience with the Google Assistant.

Attend an event near you

Explore the map to see where events are taking place globally. If you're interested to learn more about a specific event, simply click on the organizer’s name.

Plan an event in your community

Any developer community worldwide is welcome to plan and promote a local event - we’ll help you by providing Google-authored content, a “how to” guide for organizers, and by including your event in our global marketing efforts.

Requirements for hosting:

  • Organized by an already active meetup community
  • The events must be non-profit and ran in an open, inclusive, and attendee-friendly way

We're unable to support or provide users with information about events in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria.

If you’re a community organizer, consider joining the Google Developers Community Groups Program to help grow your network and community and, most importantly, grow as an individual leader.