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KmlLookAt copyAsLookAt ()
KmlCamera copyAsCamera ()
KmlTimePrimitive getTimePrimitive ()
void setTimePrimitive (KmlTimePrimitive timePrimitive)
KmlViewerOptions getViewerOptions ()
void setViewerOptions (KmlViewerOptions viewerOptions)

Detailed Description

This is an abstract class and cannot be created directly. This class is extended by KmlCamera and KmlLookAt.

Member Function Documentation

Creates a new KmlLookAt object that matches as closely as possible this KmlAbstractView. KmlLookAt is unable to represent roll, so roll values in the current view will not be passed to the new KmlLookAt object.

If this view is already a KmlLookAt, this function returns a new KmlLookAt representing the same view.

Creates a new KmlCamera object that matches this KmlAbstractView.

If this view is already a KmlCamera, this function returns a new KmlCamera representing the same view.

Returns the KmlTimeStamp or KmlTimeSpan object associated with this view.

Associate a KmlTimeStamp or KmlTimeSpan object with this view.

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