Google Earth API Reference

The Google Earth API Reference includes a description of the various interfaces, members, and functions in the Earth API. Interactive inheritance diagrams are also included to depict relationships between interfaces. To view a complete list of all the members for a particular interface, including all the inherited members, click the 'List all members' link below the inheritance diagram.

Note: This reference describes version 1.010 of the API. You can determine the API version that the user's installed plugin binary is compiled against using the getApiVersion method of the GEPlugin interface. Namespace Reference

The namespace contains global functions that aid in the process of using the Earth API interfaces. For example, instantiation of Google Earth Browser Plug-in objects is done via the method and event handling can be accomplished via the and methods.

Browser Plugin-specific Interfaces

Interfaces whose names begin with GE allow for programmatic access to core plugin functionality and other miscellaneous options.

GEAbstractBalloon GEGlobe GENavigationControl GESun
GEControl GEHitTestResult GEOptions GETime
GEEventEmitter GEHtmlBalloon GEPhotoOverlayViewer GETimeControl
GEFeatureBalloon GEHtmlDivBalloon GEPlugin GETourPlayer
GEFeatureContainer GEHtmlStringBalloon GESchemaObjectContainer GEView
GEGeometryContainer GELinearRingContainer GEStyleSelectorContainer GEWindow

KML-based Interfaces (see the KML reference for more information)

Interfaces whose names begin with Kml represent KML-related objects such as <Placemark> and <LookAt>.

KmlAbstractView KmlFolder KmlLocation KmlPolygon
KmlAltitudeGeometry KmlGeometry KmlLod KmlRegion
KmlBalloonOpeningEvent KmlGroundOverlay KmlLookAt KmlScale
KmlBalloonStyle KmlIcon KmlModel KmlScreenOverlay
KmlCamera KmlIconStyle KmlMouseEvent KmlStyle
KmlColor KmlLabelStyle KmlMultiGeometry KmlStyleMap
KmlColorStyle KmlLatLonAltBox KmlNetworkLink KmlStyleSelector
KmlContainer KmlLatLonBox KmlObject KmlTimePrimitive
KmlCoord KmlLayer KmlObjectList KmlTimeSpan
KmlCoordArray KmlLayerRoot KmlOrientation KmlTimeStamp
KmlDateTime KmlLineString KmlOverlay KmlTour
KmlDocument KmlLineStyle KmlPhotoOverlay KmlVec2
KmlEvent KmlLinearRing KmlPlacemark KmlViewerOptions
KmlExtrudableGeometry KmlLink KmlPoint
KmlFeature KmlListStyle KmlPolyStyle

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