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Get started with community visualizations

Step 1: Complete the Community Visualization Codelab

Use the Community Visualization Codelab to get started with Community Visualizations. The codelab provides a step by step guide to build a community visualization, and can be completed in about 30 minutes.

Community Visualization Codelab

Step 2: Join the Developer Community (Optional)

Join the Data Studio Developer Community to stay up-to-date with developer feature announcements.

Step 3: Learn more about building community visualizations

Review the following guides to learn more about building visualizations:

  1. Defining the config
  2. Writing a visualization
  3. Hosting the visualization
  4. Using community visualizations
  5. Sharing community visualizations

Step 4: Provide feedback and share your visualization

Once you have built a few visualizations:

  1. Send us your feedback on community visualizations.
  2. Share your visualization on GitHub or the showcase.