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Feature requests and feedback

If you can't find the information you need in the documentation, want to report a bug, or file a feature request, use the table below to find the best place for your inquiry. Check to see if someone has already filed a bug or feature request for your issue: If it already exists, add a +1 and your use case or details of your situation.

When filing a new bug, include:

  1. The steps to reproduce the bug
  2. Your expected result
  3. The actual result
  4. The impact of the issue

Finding support

Data Studio (general) Data Studio (developer)
Have a question? Help forum Stack Overflow
View changelog and updates Changelog Community connectors Changelog
Community visualization changelog
Make a feature request Upvote existing requests
File a new feature request
View existing feature requests
File a community connectors feature request
File a community visualizations feature request
Report a bug Data Studio Issues Report community connector bugs
Report community visualization bugs
Connect with the community #googledatastudio Data Studio Developers Forum