Google Cloud Datastore


This is a Preview release of the Cloud Datastore. As a result, the API is subject to change and the service itself is currently not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy. These characteristics will be evaluated as the API and service moves towards General Availability, but developers should take this into consideration when using the Preview release of Cloud Datastore.

Google Cloud Datastore is a fully managed, schemaless database for storing non-relational data. Cloud Datastore automatically scales with your users and supports transactions, as well as robust queries.

Scalable Datastore for Clients

Cloud Datastore exposes an HTTP interface to a database that offers:

  • ACID transactions.
  • High availability of reads and writes.
  • Strong consistency for reads and ancestor queries.
  • Eventual consistency for all other queries.

Your Data in the Cloud

Each Cloud Datastore instance is fully managed by Google:

  • No planned downtime.
  • Replicated across multiple datacenters.
  • Automatically scales as your traffic increase.
  • Monitored by Google Engineers.

Cloud Datastore is accessible via HTTP using a JSON or Protocol Buffers API, running on top of the Google APIs infrastructure. Cloud Datastore offers Protocol Buffer client libraries for Java and Python as well as support for the Google APIs client libraries.

In addition, Cloud Datastore offers a web-based interface for managing your Cloud Datastore instances, and a development server to support local development. Once you've activated Cloud Datastore, head to our Getting Started guides.

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