Google Compute Engine


All Google Compute Engine resource belong to a project. Projects form the basis for enabling and using the Google Compute Engine service, including managing resources, enabling billing, adding and removing collaborators and enabling other Google services.


  1. Overview
  2. Getting Project Information


A Project resource is the root collection and settings resource for all Google Compute Engine resources.

The Project resource is created using the Google Developers Console when you activate Google Compute Engine for a project. Some administration tasks can only be done from the Console, and others must be done from within Google Compute Engine: for instance, adding team members, listing projects, and setting ACLs, can only be done within the Console; creating instances, disks, or other resources for a project can only be done directly in the API.

You must use the Developers Console to manage all non-Google Compute Engine-specific properties, such as project members or billing information.

You must have read, write, or owner permissions on a project to be able to use gcutil. You do not need to be a project member to be able to ssh into an instance and manage it; however, if you do not have read permissions on a project you must use raw ssh, not gcutil ssh.

Useful gcutil commands:

Note: There is no Google Compute Engine command to list projects; you must use the Developers Console to list projects of which you are a member.

Getting Project Information

You can get information about a project, such as the different quota usage amounts and limits, by running the command gcutil getproject, which returns information similar to the following:

$ gcutil getproject --project=myproject
|         property         |                         value                    |
| name                     | myproject                                        |
| description              |                                                  |
| creation-time            | 2012-01-11T17:45:37.812-08:00                    |
| ips                      |                                                  |
|                          |                                                  |
| usage                    |                                                  |
|   instances              | 4.0/8.0                                          |
|   cpus                   | 6.0/8.0                                          |
|   ephemeral-addresses    | 4.0/8.0                                          |
|   disks                  | 7.0/8.0                                          |
|   disks-total-gb         | 57.0/100.0                                       |
|   snapshots              | 0.0/1000.0                                       |
|   networks               | 2.0/5.0                                          |
|   firewalls              | 14.0/100.0                                       |
|   images                 | 3.0/100.0                                        |
|                          |                                                  |
| common-instance-metadata |                                                  |
|   hello                  | there                                            |
|   sshKeys                | <key>                                            |

Important Flags:

This flag is required for every gcutil command except help, unless you have previously specified the --cache_flag_values flag to store your project ID information.

Authentication required

You need to be signed in with Google+ to do that.

Signing you in...

Google Developers needs your permission to do that.