Test Lab is moving to Firebase. Visit the Firebase console to use Firebase Test Lab for Android.

A device lab for testing your apps

You can simultaneously test your app on many popular brands and models of Android devices, across multiple languages, screen orientations, and Android API versions. To learn more, see Cloud Test Lab Overview.

Test with physical devices

For comprehensive testing before releasing your app, Cloud Test Lab gives you access to physical devices installed and running in a Google data center.

Run app tests, even if you haven't written any

Testing is about figuring out what you don’t know, and Cloud Test Lab can help you get there.

Cloud Test Lab can run instrumentation tests that you write using Espresso or Robotium. You can also use the Cloud Test Lab Robo test to simulate user actions and find crashes in your app. To learn more, see Robo test.

Testing in your workflow

Testing works best when it happens throughout the development process, not just at the end. That’s why Cloud Test Lab is integrated with Android Studio, the Google Cloud command line, and the Google Developers Console.