Your instant device testing closet, with automated reports and scaling support. Coming later this summer.

A closet full of devices, ad infinitum

From nearly every brand, model and version of physical devices your users might be using, to an unlimited supply of virtual devices in every language, orientation and network condition around the world. You can get rid of that device closet—ours is bigger.

Virtual devices are perfect for rapid, quick feedback testing during development—they’re the best way to prevent bugs from creeping into your build.

For comprehensive testing before releasing your app, Cloud Test Lab gives you access to physical devices so you can see what’s going on for your users in the real world. Plus, you can run all of your tests across all devices, all at the same time—giving you access to massively parallel testing, bringing you deep and scaled insight.

Automated tests and actionable reports

Testing is about figuring out what you don’t know, and Cloud Test Lab can help you get there.

Out of the box, without any user-written tests, robot app crawlers know just what to look out for and will find crashes in your app for you. Augment this with user-written instrumentation tests to make sure that your most important user flows work perfectly.

When you find an issue, Cloud Test Lab’s robust, actionable reports help you drill down by providing screenshots, video and all the logs you need so there’s no guesswork.

In your workflow

Testing works best when it happens throughout the development process, not just at the end. That’s why Cloud Test Lab is integrated where you need it, giving you instant access the moment you need it.

Whether it’s during a coding spree in Android Studio, or while you’re looking at user reviews on Google Play, and whether you prefer a web interface or a command line interface, Cloud Test Lab gives you the right insights directly within the services you’re already using.