Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Please see the support article for help migrating.

External Code Resources

This document links to external (non-Google) resources and code samples for working with Google Cloud Print. You may find some of these helpful as you work on your own GCP-related projects. Note that because the content of these linked pages is not owned or maintained by Google, we can make no guarantees or other assurances regarding the behavior or functionality of the linked code.

If you are thinking of developing for Google Cloud Print and are looking for a location to host your code, we recommend that you take a look at Google Code.

Google Cloud Print driver for CUPS by Simon Cadman
A driver which allows printing to printers connected via CUPS and registered with GCP.

Google Cloud Print API for Java by Jittagorn Pitakmetagoon
A Java API to enable convenient usage of GCP's various service interfaces.

Google Cloud Print on iOS by Conrad Kramer
An iOS application which integrates GCP into Apple's AirPrint™ functionality.

PHP Software Connector by Kin Lane
A GCP software connector for hooking up printers to GCP, written in PHP using the Zen framework.