Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2020. Please see the support article for help migrating.


What is Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print (GCP) allows you to print from any Google Cloud Print-enabled app on any Chromebook, computer, or smart phone. The Google Cloud Print service routes print jobs between apps and cloud-connected printers over the web. Google Cloud Print enables users to easily discover and print to printers nearby or around the world without the need for complex setup and driver installation. Google Cloud Print is also the technology that powers printing from Chromebooks.

Applications submit print jobs to the service via the web-based common print dialog or API offered by the service. Google Cloud Print then sends the print job to the selected printer which the user has previously registered. A new class of cloud-aware printers connects directly to the service and offers the best user experience. Classic printers are able to connect to the service via a software connector that turns their host computer into a GCP-connected print server.

Is Google Cloud Print released?

Yes! Google Cloud Print applications exist for the Android and iOS platforms, plug-ins exist in several Google apps including Gmail and Docs, and GCP is already the standard printing service on Chromebooks.

Can non-Google products use Google Cloud Print?

Yes, an API exists to allow any application to use Google Cloud Print. Documentation is available through the links to the left of this page.

Does Google Cloud Print only work in Chrome and/or Chrome OS?

Any app can use Google Cloud Print. When a web app uses Google Cloud Print, it works regardless of browser or device. Browsers themselves can also use Google Cloud Print. For example, the version of Chrome in Chrome OS uses Google Cloud Print for printing web pages.

A software connector is included in Chrome to enable non–cloud-aware printers to connect to the service. Others can create their own connector by using the service interfaces detailed here and/or the open source code for the existing software connector. These third party proxies can be distributed separately, including in other browsers, or embedded in printer/router firmware.

Which printers work with Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print can print to your Cloud Ready printers – here is an up-to-date list grouped by manufacturer. GCP can also connect to your classic printers using the software connector described above, included in Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is Google proposing the Google Cloud Print service interfaces as the standard for how printers should communicate with a cloud print service?

These are the interfaces that our software connector uses to communicate with Google Cloud Print today. Where possible, we want to leverage existing standards and work with the community to develop a common set of open standards for how printers communicate with cloud print services. The real benefit of cloud printing will be realized when users know that they can connect any printer to any cloud print service and it just works.

What is the software connector?

The software connector is a small piece of software that enables non–cloud-aware printers to work with Google Cloud Print. It implements the Google Cloud Print service interfaces and is currently distributed with Chrome. The connector turns the machine it is executed on into a print server connected to the Google cloud, ready to receive print jobs and forward them to the printer available to it via the native OS printer spooler.

How will you prevent spammy print jobs being sent to printers?

Google Cloud Print uses the same account and ACL systems as other Google properties. Printer ownership and sharing will be the same as with Google Docs today. Therefore, a printer can only receive a print job from its owner or someone the owner has given permission to print to the printer.

Does Chrome OS support Google Cloud Print?

Yes. Chrome OS does not include native print drivers or a print stack – instead, it uses Google Cloud Print for printing. More information is available in the design doc or this blog post.

Does Android support Google Cloud Print?

Google Cloud Print support is available out of the box on Android devices running KitKat or later. For earlier versions of Android, users can install the Google Cloud Print app or any one of several third-party applications supporting Google Cloud Print on Android. See the Android Integration page for instructions on how to integrate Google Cloud Print with your Android app.

Does Google Cloud Print store the information that I print?
There are two cases to consider:
  1. If the data being printed is already stored in the cloud with the user’s Google Account (such as a message in Gmail or a Google Docs document), then Google Cloud Print simply transmits the data along with the print job information to the printer. The data is left as-is in the cloud.
  2. If the data being printed is not already stored with the user’s Google Account (such as a news article), then Google Cloud Print temporarily stores the data (in a secure manner, only accessible by the user) and print job information as part of the transfer process to the printer. Once the data has reached the printer, all the data is deleted from Google’s servers. Users will have the option to retain an archived copy of the content of any particular print job on the server with their Google Account for future reference or retransmission to the printer. However, this option is off by default.

In both cases, all data transfer between apps and Google Cloud Print, and between Google Cloud Print and printers, is over an encrypted connection.