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GCMConfig Class

GCMConfig Class Reference


Config used to set different options in Google Cloud Messaging.

Inherits NSObject.

Class Method Summary

(instancetype) + defaultConfig
 Get default configuration for GCM. More...


id< GCMReceiverDelegatereceiverDelegate
 Set the GCMReceiverDelegate to receive callbacks on upstream messages. More...
GCMLogLevel logLevel
 The log level for the GCM library. More...

Method Detail

+ (instancetype) defaultConfig

Get default configuration for GCM.

The default config has logLevel set to kGCMLogLevelError and receiverDelegate is set to nil.

GCMConfig sharedInstance.

Property Documentation

- (id<GCMReceiverDelegate>) receiverDelegate

Set the GCMReceiverDelegate to receive callbacks on upstream messages.

See also
- (GCMLogLevel) logLevel

The log level for the GCM library.

Valid values are kGCMLogLevelDebug, kGCMLogLevelInfo, kGCMLogLevelError, and kGCMLogLevelAssert.

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