Closure Linter is deprecated

As the syntax of JavaScript has continued to evolve, with ES2015 and beyond, it has become increasingly difficult to keep Closure Linter up to date. It is unstaffed, unmaintained, and deprecated. Most projects at Google have migrated to the new linter.

For teams using the Closure tools, we recommend they use the new linter based on the Closure Compiler instead. You can do this by passing --jscomp_warning=lintChecks to the compiler, or building the standalone linter binary; see the Closure Compiler wiki for details. The rest of the information on this page will be kept up for a while, for teams who are still using Closure Linter.

What is the Closure Linter?

The Closure Linter is a utility that checks JavaScript files for style issues such as operator placement, missing semicolons, spacing, the presence of JsDoc annotations, and more.

What can the Closure Linter do for me?

The Closure Linter ensures that all of your project's JavaScript code follows the guidelines in the Google JavaScript Style Guide. It can also automatically fix many common errors, which saves you time and lets you focus on coding.

How do I start?