Warning: This API is deprecated in 2012 and was turned off on March 18, 2019. Please use the actively maintained Google Charts API instead.

Release Notes

This page describes changes and exciting new features of the Google Chart API.


What's New?

  • Chart wizard - We've created a new chart wizard that will help you design charts without fiddling with URL parameters!

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs and feature requests to the google-visualization-api@googlegroups.com mailing list.


February, 2010

  • Documentation revised:
    • Documented all chart types on separate pages
    • Added a new page listing all chart parameters
  • Chart playground added
  • Some terminology changes:
    • Financial markers are now called candlestick markers
    • Text encoding is now called basic text format
    • Data sets are now called data series
  • New formula images added
  • New chart URLs supported ([0-9].chart.googleapis.com)
  • New dynamic icons added
  • data point marker improvements
    • New annotation marker added (chm=A)
    • New error bar marker added (chm=E)
    • New horizontal line fixed to a specific point (chm=H)
    • New box charts, also called box plots
    • Now support commas in the text string
    • Anchor placement now available for data value markers.
  • Underscore ( _ ) now means null in text encoding
  • Charts now support POST requests
  • Axis labels now support custom formatting
  • Scatterplots now support a trace line marker
  • Multiple output formats now supported, including PNG, GIF, JPG, and validation mode