Release Notes

This page describes changes and exciting new features of the Google Chart API.


What's New?

  • Chart wizard - We've created a new chart wizard that will help you design charts without fiddling with URL parameters!

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs and feature requests to the mailing list.


February, 2010

  • Documentation revised:
    • Documented all chart types on separate pages
    • Added a new page listing all chart parameters
  • Chart playground added
  • Some terminology changes:
    • Financial markers are now called candlestick markers
    • Text encoding is now called basic text format
    • Data sets are now called data series
  • New formula images added
  • New chart URLs supported ([0-9]
  • New dynamic icons added
  • data point marker improvements
    • New annotation marker added (chm=A)
    • New error bar marker added (chm=E)
    • New horizontal line fixed to a specific point (chm=H)
    • New box charts, also called box plots
    • Now support commas in the text string
    • Anchor placement now available for data value markers.
  • Underscore ( _ ) now means null in text encoding
  • Charts now support POST requests
  • Axis labels now support custom formatting
  • Scatterplots now support a trace line marker
  • Multiple output formats now supported, including PNG, GIF, JPG, and validation mode