Making onscreen targets easy to touch is an important aspect of minimizing driver distraction.

Guidance at a glance (TL;DR):

  • Minimum touch-target size is 76 x 76dp
  • Enclose icons within touch targets and center them

Icon sizes

Android auto icon sizes
Android Auto uses three different icon sizes. Primary icons are 44 x 44dp, secondary icons are 36 x 36dp, and tertiary icons are 24 x 24dp

Aligning icons and touch targets

Touch targets must be larger on car interfaces so they are easier to glance at and tap. Android Auto uses a minimum touch-target size of 76 x 76dp. Considerations in determining this touch-target size include the driver's distance from the head unit and the need for generously sized touch targets to accommodate quick taps while driving.

Touch targets cannot overlap. All elements of a touch target must appear on the same z-layer as clearly delineated action areas so they can be logically focused with a rotary input.

Keep touch-target sizes at or above 76 x 76dp


Keep touch-target sizes at or above the minimum requirement of 76 x 76dp.
Center elmements within the touch-target area


Center element within the minimum touch target.
Don't align element to one edge of a touch target


Don’t align an element to the edge of a touch target.
Don't permit elements to fall outside of a touch target


Don’t allow tappable elements to fall outside of a touch target. The touch target should extend as needed to accommodate the entire element.