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Supported features

Full resolution night mode
AR filters
Smart storage
Multi lens support
Save location
QR code scanning

Available on all devices

Camera from Google captures beautiful portraits that focus on the subject while professionally blurring the background.
It prevents users from running out of memory with smart storage suggestions and helpful storage indicators.
Built with Google Lens, users can see the world in their own language by simply pointing the camera lens at foreign text and receiving an instant translation.
In addition to capturing detail-rich photos, Camera from Google enables high-quality video recordings.

Available on select devices

Full resolution night mode lets users capture memories at any time of day without flash, keeping colors rich and details crisp.
Camera from Google enables the capture of extra clear and detailed images with HDR.
Through a partnership with Snap Inc., users will be able to choose from and apply a variety of filters and Snapchat Lenses to their photos and videos – without having to leave
Users can capture even more details, either at an extremely wide angle with Ultrawide mode, or close up on small objects with Macro mode.

*Only specific OEMs