Connectivity, content, and capability

Seamless connectivity on Android and Web

In a crowded London train or a market in rural India, enhance performance for slow, intermittent, or offline environments.

Right content for the right context

Use layouts and media that work for a variety of devices and connections.

Optimize for devices

Build for mobile hardware of varying screen sizes, processing power, storage and memory.

Build lean and light

Reduce battery consumption

A flat battery is no fun. Learn how to develop for battery efficiency on Android and on the Web.

Conserve data usage

Data costs money. Build for prepaid data plans or contracts with limited data.


Google I/O - Building for Billions on the Web

Chrome Product Manager Tal Oppenheimer presents the unique constraints and challenges first-time or mobile Internet users face and how you can build Progressive Web Apps that address these challenges to deliver a great experience for all of your users.

Google I/O - Building for Billions on Android

Learn to build apps that provide a great experience to billions of future and current Android users, globally, in this I/O session from the Google Play and Android Developer Advocate teams.