Anticipate and react

The Awareness API unifies 7 location and context signals in a single API, enabling you to create powerful context-based features with minimal impact on system resources. Combine optimally processed context signals in new ways that were not previously possible, while letting the API manage system resources so your app doesn't have to.
Native support for combining and working with 7 signals including time, location, places, beacons, headphones, activity and weather.
Signals from multiple sources are intelligently processed, and combined for maximum accuracy and efficiency.
Power consumption and memory usage are automatically optimized to maximize battery life and memory capacity on your users' devices.

Two ways to get insight

React to changes in the user's environment. The Fence API lets you combine multiple signals to create fences. When the fence conditions are met, your app receives a callback so you can delight and engage your users, even while in the background.
Get instant details about the user's current environment, by accessing 7 signals from one simple API surface. Get better battery performance and memory usage with Snapshot API's intelligent caching and cross-app optimizations