Smart Home Solution Providers

If you need help building your smart home Action for the Google Assistant, here's a list of solution providers that have developed smart home Actions previously on behalf of other companies. The providers are listed below in alphabetical order.

Google does not endorse, or offer any warranty, regarding these solution providers. Each solution provider is fully responsible for their services, and is not affiliated with Google nor do they offer services on behalf of Google. Customers are fully responsible for their use of services, if any. Google will have no liability for any products or services provided by a solution provider.

Solution Provider Directory

Ayla Networks Inc.

Ayla Networks is a provider of edge connectivity, device management, and application enablement for the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling the world’s largest companies to connect any device, on any cloud, to any application.

North America, APAC, EU


eWeLink is a provider of full-fledged IoT smart home turnkey solutions that include WiFi/Zigbee/GSM modules and firmware, PCBA hardware, a global SaaS platform with open APIs, customizable apps, Google Assistant integrations, and more.


Hangzhou BroadLink Technology Co., Ltd.

BroadLink specializes in the provision of customizable turnkey smart home solutions for innovative gadgets, electrical and lighting products, sensors, small appliances, home appliances, and more for 500+ world famous brands.



Tuya is a global IoT platform that enables smart products for brands and manufacturers. Tuya provides users with a one-stop solution that includes hardware access, cloud services, and app development.


For Solution Providers

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