App Actions built-in intents

Built-in intents model some of the common ways that users express tasks they're trying to do or information they seek, such as ordering a meal, booking a ride, or checking an account balance. Building App Actions requires you to implement built-in intents. This built-in intent reference contains information about each built-in intent.

When building App Actions, implement and test all built-in intents related to your in-app functionality. By doing so, you increase the likelihood that users can trigger App Actions for your app as each built-in intent becomes available.

Note that built-in intents intended for Conversational Actions won't work for App Actions and vice versa. If you're building Conversational Actions, see the Conversational Actions built-in intent reference instead.

If the existing built-in intents do not support your use case, please file an App Actions intent request in the public issues tracker.