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Apps Script Libraries

App Maker lets you add Apps Script libraries to your application from App Settings. If another Apps Script author created a library of functions and you have read access to the library, you can include that library in an application. For more information about Apps Script libraries, see the Apps Script Library documentation.

To include a library in an application, go to App Settings and click Add Library under the Apps Script Libraries section. Enter the Script ID (not script key) and focus the version dropdown to select the version. App Maker will retrieve and display the library metadata. You must select a version to finish adding the library to the app.


A library must have at least one published version to be used in the App Maker application. The latest version(debug) will use the latest code in the library. Otherwise, you can choose a specific version to use.


The object is the server script object to use to reference the library. For example, if you add a library where the generated object is MyLibrary, to use functions in MyLibrary you would write the following:

MyLibrary.sampleMethod('Hello World!');